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The Benefits of Social Media for Your Business: Crash Course

15 May 2012 | 1 Comment

online social media trainingThe Australian Businesswomen's Network's new Social Media Crash Course will help you to get started in social media and know what is best used for. This two-part online workshop is an easy way to learn about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs and YouTube -- and how you can use these social tools easily to drive great results for your business.

Social media is more than just a buzzword. It's how we engage with friends, but can also be how we find new jobs, clients and suppliers, do research and market ourselves and our business.

This two-part online training course will take you through:

  • Why social media matters and why you should be using it
  • Which social networks to join, tools to use and best practise tips
  • How to build your personal profile and which tools are best to use
  • Which social networks are best for networking and getting ahead
  • How to incorporate social media into business operations without being a spammer
  • How social media can be used to find work, to get new clients, to market an individual or a business
  • Where to start — the shortcuts that make social media easy
  • Examples of how people and businesses are using social media successfully
  • Social mistakes that could cost you and how to avoid them

Register for the Social Media Crash Course now.


  • 2 x 60 minutes online workshops
  • Available LIVE or on-demand (watch at your leisure on your computer or join the live session)
  • Resources materials and links to useful sites and tools
  • Access to the recording to review the session time and time again


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