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The ABN partners with finance guru Kim Kiyosaki for webinar to help members realise their financial dreams

18 February 2012 | No Comments

Reward of financial freedom with Kim KiyosakiSydney, Australia - The Australian Businesswomen’s Network (ABN) will host a webinar, presented by personal finance expert Kim Kiyosaki author of It's Rising Time: Reach Your Financial Dreams. Kim’s presentation will educate women on how they can achieve personal financial freedom whilst maintaining and growing their business. The webinar will be held on Wednesday 22 February at 10:30am and is open to both members and non-members of the ABN.

Suzi Dafnis, Community Director at the ABN says that Kim’s work is highly regarded and believes the webinar will be valuable for the network’s members.

“It takes guts to dream big when it comes to money, especially if you’ve come from a poor or middle-class background. And, while not all of us want to drive a Porsche or wear Chanel, most of us want to see our dreams come to fruition. Often, those dreams require money to be fulfilled. Most women in small business get so caught up in trying to run a business that they fail to take care of their financial future,” Suzi said.

The webinar will offer practical advice on how to become financially literate and make the right decisions to ensure long term benefits as well as why it’s important to take responsibility for your money and be self-sufficient.

“I’ve been following Kim’s mantra of aspire, acquire, apply for many years and it’s helped me reach my business and personal financial goals. I think her advice will give women the confidence and knowledge that’s required for a healthy attitude towards money,” said Suzi.

Suzi’s post on the ABN blog provides personal and professional history on how Kim’s advice and outlook has positively impacted her financial decisions.

For further information, please contact the ABN or click here to register.

About the ABN

The Australian Businesswomen’s Network is the peak organisation supporting women in business to provide them with the skills to start, manage and grow their business. With over 20,000 members, the ABN caters to the largest community of women business owners and entrepreneurs in the country. The Australian Businesswomen's Network provides online training and mentoring for women across Australia. Its advocacy initiative, herVoice, was created in response to numerous requests for the ABN to take a leading role in public policy development, advocacy and lobbying on issues relating to Australian businesswomen and female entrepreneurs.

For more information visit: www.abn.org.au.


Media release prepared by Espresso Communications. For more information, visit the website or call 02 9904 4177.

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