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Vote for the herBusiness Blog - Best Australian Blog 2012

18 April 2012 | No Comments

The Sydney Writers' Centre recently announced the 2012 Best Australian Blogs Competition. The Australian Businesswomen's Network's herBusiness Blog is entered in the Business Blog category. (We were thrilled to be a finalist last year.)


Right now, however, you can vote for the herBusiness Blog in the People's Choice category.

The herBusiness blog was created to provide you with regular real-life tips and resources from women just like you - other businesswomen who aren't just writing about business, they're living it and experiencing it and sharing the best and worst of it with you.

So, if you've enjoyed any one of the over 1000 posts written by our talented team of businesswomen bloggers, we'd love your vote.

It takes less than 2 minutes (I did it yesterday). Here's what to do:


Vote for the herBusiness Blog!

  1. Visit the Best Australian Blogs 2012 competition page here
  2. Click 'Vote Here People's Choice'
  3. Check HerBusiness Blog on Page 2
  4. Click Next to end, enter your details and submit!

Click here to vote for the herBusiness Blog in the Best Australian Blogs 2012 Competition!


Thanks for your support!


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When you’re in start up mode and have a million things to work on and out, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. It helps to maintain a clear focus. I know this is easy advice to give and harder to remember when you have a million thoughts circling in your head. Use Evernote to stay on [...]

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The biggest sales mistake I see is that people assume that they know things; about the customer; about their product; about what someone else is thinking. Stop it! Don’t assume. If it sounds like I have my hand on my hip and am waggling my finger at you – it’s because I am. Read on [...]

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A good webinar is one that has been well thought through and planned. A good plan starts when you narrow down and focus the message and desired outcomes of the webinar, schedule with enough time to market effectively and choose the format (and time) that best suits your target audience. “Creating a successful webinar goes [...]

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There comes a time for every business owner when they realise one person cannot do everything. This is when you need to find another you. We all know there are some tasks that we are just not good at. Or tasks you put off because they inspire you the least. These are the tasks that [...]

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