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Christine Harris is the Managing Director of HIT Productions, a Melbourne-based theatre touring company she formed in 1993. Christine was the 1997 Victorian Entrepreneur of the Year, a finalist in the 1998 Telstra Business Women’s Awards, and 1998 Winner of the Executive Woman of the Year Awards. A Penguin award-winning actress (Carson’s Law), she was a regular on our television screens in the 1980s and 1990s. It was her commitment to provide a platform for female actors by staging plays with strong female leads that was responsible for her initial drive into theatre as a Producer. In the 17 years since HIT Productions began Christine, a self-taught Producer whose unstoppable passion, personal dedication, talent and tenacity, have achieved excellent results. This has been reflected in the many business awards and accolades she has received.

From 1995-2003 the company was the market leader in the provision of sponsored educational/motivational talks by inspirational role models via its highly successful education programs such as Dream and Achieve™ and Follow Your Dreams™. Its reach of 5,700 schools and over one million students throughout Australia and New Zealand demonstrated the success of these programs, enriching, inspiring and encouraging young people to achieve their personal best.

Whilst these programs are no longer active, HIT’s commitment to young people continues via the company’s theatre arm through its community activities whilst on tour, such as the free Sharing the Experience of the Arts talks at schools. These include her 1995 inclusion in the inaugural Australian Business Women’s Network Inspiring Women of Australia Calendar, the 1997 Victorian Entrepreneur of the Year Award, 1998 and 2000 finalist for the Telstra Business Women’s Awards, the 1998 Executive Woman of the Year Award (National Small Business Owner Category) and her inclusion in the 1999 Business Women’s Hall of Fame. In 2000, Christine was one of 80 business and community leaders chosen to be a delegate at the Growing Victoria Together Summit held at Parliament House, Melbourne, and she was included as one of 32 successful Australian business women in Pru Goward’s book A Business of Your Own.

Christine’s theatre productions also garner extensive critical and industry acclaim.

The company is now recognised as Australia’s Premier Theatre Touring Company. HIT is committed to touring outstanding, mainstream productions, with a major focus on Australian playwrights, to capital city, outer metropolitan, regional and remote venues throughout Australia. Since HIT’s first tour of Hotel Sorrento in 1999, HIT Productions has built up a remarkable body of work. Between 1999 and the end of 2009, HIT has delivered 42 major theatre tours across 480+ weeks of touring.

HIT Productions has presented some of the most extensive tours ever staged in Australia, including Patrick Edgeworth’s Girl Talk (2000-2001) a 29 week tour to 69 venues, Neil Simon’s Last of the Red Hot Lovers (2003-2004) (23 weeks across 60 venues) both starring Jacki Weaver, David Williamson’s The Club (2007-2008) starring John Wood (35 weeks across 80 venues) and Jeanie Linders’ Menopause The Musical® (2008-2009) which ran for a phenomenal 71 weeks across 119 venues. Other notable tours include Peta Murray’s Wallflowering starring Noelene Brown, Joanna Murray-Smith’s Love Child starring Amanda Muggleton and Jack Hibberd’s  A Stretch of the Imagination starring John Wood. Having just completed Wild World – The Cat Stevens Story (9 weeks) and Cosi (16.5 weeks), HIT is currently touring Menopause the Musical® (45 weeks), and Driving Miss Daisy (19 weeks).

Christine Harris' Strategies for Success

  1. Keep a clear vision or goal in mind. Never lose sight of what you hope to achieve. Be positive about what you can achieve and most importantly choose goals that inspire you.
  2. I believe that it is very important to rediscover the child within. As children we were far more open to trying new things, new challenges were met with little apprehension and usually with a lot of curiosity and enthusiasm. As adults we are often more cynical. We attempt things that are safer, often not allowing ourselves to be out there, to be creative with our problem solving and to be inspired by our daily progress.
  3. Create opportunities for yourself and surround yourself with people who empower you rather than detract from your goals.
  4. Balance your life - keep balance in all areas of your life. Without balance one doesn't have the necessary energy and good health to achieve success and fulfilment.
  5. Realise that you can do anything by creating your own reality. However, realise that success is a continual process with the prerequisites being dedication, persistence and a determination to make it happen.

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