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Kate Tribe
Managing Director, Tribe Research

About Kate Tribe

Kate Tribe is the founder and Managing Director of Tribe Research, an innovative and creative company focusing on accessible ways for business, non-profit and government sectors to grow from a better understanding of their tribe.

Tribe Research aims for customers to explore their tribes of clients, customers, suppliers and staff, to uncover their views, and drive change in each clients business. Kate understands that as leaders of an organisation you need to be clear-headed about your marketing and business planning priorities and has made this a primary focus of Tribe Research's solution. Kate believes that getting to know your tribe should be an enjoyable journey of discovery that gives you a clear head and direction to move forward, to drive change in the right direction.

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Learn how to design effective customer feedback surveys with Kate Tribe

Speaker: Kate Tribe

Customer service remains a great way to differentiate your business, to innovate and to improve products and services. Getting customer feedback is, however, an art. Your existing tribe is a gold-mine of information about what’s working in your business and by asking them the right questions, you can uncover opportunities to develop new products and [...]

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