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The Virtual Workplace: Build the Capacity of Your Business, Without the Overhead

2 April 2013 | Jaleh Bisharat | No Comments

Jaleh Bisharat is the Vice President of Marketing at oDesk, the world’s largest online workplace with more than 500,000 businesses and 3 million contractors. Australia is the largest user of oDesk per capita.

In this video episode of, Jaleh discusses:

  • How to build the capacity of your business with oDesk, without the overhead
  • How to telework and outsource
  • How to accommodate for virtual team members of your business
  • Tips for new mums who can work from home
  • How oDesk can be your flexible bench – “Try before you buy”



Mentioned in episode:

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Jaleh Bisharat, oDesk
Jaleh Bisharat, oDesk
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Jaleh Bisharat, oDesk

Jaleh Bisharat

Jaleh Bisharat is one of Silicon Valley's most well-respected marketing executives, with an impressive history of growing startups into vibrant brands. She currently leads marketing at oDesk, the world's largest online workplace. At oDesk, Jaleh is raising global awareness of online work -- encou...

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