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The Nice Girl Syndrome. Do You Have it?

11 July 2011 | Lois Frankel | No Comments

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Welcome to the herBusiness program, where we interview inspiring businesswomen and entrepreneurs.

In this episode, we interview Dr. Lois Frankel, president of Corporate Coaching International and author of Nice Girls Just Don't Get It. Dr. Frankel is an internationally recognised expert in the fields of workplace behaviour and female empowerment.


Listen to this herBusiness interview with Dr. Lois Frankel to learn:

  • what nice-girl sydrome is and indicators that you have it
  • what women are doing that prevents success
  • the biggest mistakes women make when it comes to
    • evaluating the past and envisioning the future
    • building relationships that work
    • managing expectations
    • crafting meaningful messages
  • why it's important to live your values
Lois Frankel
Lois Frankel
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Lois Frankel

Lois Frankel

Lois P. Frankel, Ph.D., is an internationally recognised expert in the fields of workplace behaviour and female empowerment, and the president of Corporate Coaching International. In addition to her work with Fortune 500 companies, Dr. Frankel is a sought-after speaker who's been featured in Fast Co...

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