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Featured Podcast: Music Industry’s PR Maven, Ariel Hyatt

24 March 2010 | Ariel Hyatt | No Comments

After being fired, Ariel Hyatt decided she'd take her future into her own hands and started her business 15 years ago.

Her digital pr firm, Cyber PR, is based in New York. Cyber PR helps musicians and authors get the word out about their work as well as educating them about how to use social media to promote themselves.

In this interview Ariel explains:

  • How has social media has changed the face of publicity
  • Why the power of pr is now with the individual
  • How to get PR even if you only have a small social network and
  • Why a good idea works regardless of market conditions

Enjoy this interview with Ariel Hyatt.

Ariel Hyatt
Ariel Hyatt
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Ariel Hyatt

Ariel Hyatt

Ariel Hyatt is the founder of Ariel Publicity, a New York based digital PR firm who's Cyber PR Campaigns place musicians and authors on blogs, podcasts, and Internet radio stations and helps facilitate authentic relationships with key Social Media makers and fans. Over the past 15 years Ariel Pub...

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