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Encourage Collaboration: How to Inspire your Team to Take the Extra Step

30 November 2011 | Claire Hatton | No Comments

Claire Hatton is the Industry Leader for Travel, Government and Local Business at Google Australia/NZ.

In this In Her Shoes interview, Claire discusses:

  • leadership
  • how to encourage collaboration amongst your team
    • 'you've got to take your team with you - if you don't they don't go the extra step'
  • what local businesses struggle with most in forming an online presence
  • Google's dream employer status
  • how she 'gives back' to the community
  • strategies for success

Enjoy part one of this interview with Claire Hatton!

In Her Shoes

About the In Her Shoes series

In Her Shoes is a video series presented by the Australian Businesswomen's Network. Each interview features an inspiring businesswoman and her strategies for success.

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Claire Hatton
Claire Hatton


Claire Hatton

Claire Hatton

Claire Hatton is an Industry Leader for Google Australia and NZ. She leads a team of industry experts to help local businesses, government and the travel industry make the most of their presence online. Claire came to Google in March 2007 with extensive experience across Asia in the travel and finan...

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