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Three Ways to Achieve More with Google Analytics

26 October 2011 | Maria Anderson | No Comments

At Sustainable Marketing, we use Google Analytics to measure the performance of both online and offline marketing. This tool allows us to progressively improve the performance of clients' marketing, optimise marketing budgets and achieve more with less!

1. Analyse your visitors' keywords

How to Use Google Analytics KeywordsKeywords are words that people use in online searches to find your website. Google Analytics will show you the most popular keywords for your website. The more popular words may be more meaningful to your target market than the words you use to describe your products. By including more relevant keywords in your online and offline marketing, you can attract more potential clients without increasing your budget.

In the Keywords table shown, 'steam cleaner' is an important keyword to be included in marketing.

2. Assess your in-page analytics

In-page analytics allow you to analyse banners, buttons or links that visitors click on. Assessing this information will help you understand what content your visitors find more appealing. Testing different content and messages can help you identify better performing content. This can help you to progressively use more relevant content and increase the overall conversion rate for your website.

How to Use Google Analytics Keywords

In this image from a front webpage, we would recommend testing different content for some of the lower performing icons such as ‘fuse blocks’.

3. Measure offline results

Google Analytics can also measure the effectiveness of your offline marketing. Give readers of your advertisements and editorials a special offer to encourage them to visit a special campaign webpage on your website. (e.g., visit to read an article on what SMEs can do to avoid rising electricity costs.)

The traffic to the special campaign webpage can be measured through Google’s ‘Top Content’ analysis tool, which allows you to compare your advertisements and editorials to assess which magazines or editorials your target market prefers.

So how do you get started? Visit, set up a Google Analytics account and arrange for your web designer to install the Google Analytics code into your website.


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