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What's Next

By Alycia Edgar

2 June 2011 | No Comments

A colleague recently commented that as great as I am at celebrating hitting milestones - or reaching goals - I always ask, “What’s next?”

You see, I’m not willing to settle for the status quo - and nor should anyone. I don’t like to be in the comfortable zone for too long. For me, that means I’m not improving.

Let’s face it, when you’ve had a hard journey and you get to your destination, it’s fabulous, a load has lifted and you can relax. But stay there for too long and that relaxation grows to complacency. Hogwash you say; you’re just taking a breather. You’re deluding yourself.  That breather can last for one month, one year, maybe two, before you wake up and wonder where did those two years go or why has my business stagnated?

You can’t rest. I’m not saying you can’t take time off - we all need to recuperate. This is different; this is about drive and striving for continuous improvement. Unless you keep the momentum in your drive, you will stagnate and pay the price, possibly two years later!

So what’s next for you? What goal will you pursue now? Be bold, makes goals that really stretch you. Be courageous, buck the trend, get out there and do it!

Is it hard? Absolutely! But what fun would life be if it wasn’t hard? Once the hard work has been done, you can then see the rewards of all that effort come to fruition.

Say NO to being complacent. Push yourself to achieve what you have been put on this earth to do. Have NO REGRETS. Keep striving. You are supported. But only you can strive and make change; no one else can do that for you.

And remember this - when you achieve something in life or business, that’s fantastic, celebrate, but please don’t stop there. There is so much more we are all capable of. So much that you don’t even realise, but it’s there in all of us. Have faith in your ability to achieve great things. You can and you will; you just need to keep striving. If you are struggling to keep that momentum and believe in your abilities, get help; find that someone for you who always asks, “What’s next?”

Tell me what’s your latest achievement. What’s next?

Alycia Edgar, Coastal Accounting Services


Alycia Edgar, Coastal Accounting Services

Alycia Edgar

As an accountant and former surf shop owner, Alycia understands the issues that small business face everyday. She believes you can work on your business effectively simply by understanding your business numbers. She creates innovative systems and processes that enable business owners to be highly fo...

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