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5 Warning Signs Your Marketing Isn’t Customer Centric

By Belinda Weaver

12 June 2012 | No Comments

customer centric marketingYou’re an astute and savvy business owner with enough smarts to create your own marketing. Right?

When you sit down to write about your business, it’s quite natural to start with what you know – you! But really effective marketing isn’t about you. It’s about your customers.

Here are five warning signs your marketing is missing the mark.

  1. You don’t really understand what your customers are looking for. A sure-fire way to writing copy that misses the mark is not really knowing your customers. Your business is the solution, but you should be starting with the problem.Tip: If you think you know the problem you are solving, but you aren’t sure, ask your customers about the triggers that led them to your door.
  2. You only talk about facts and features. This is a really common trap, so don’t feel bad. Facts and features are the logical end of the decision-making process, but persuasiveness comes from tapping into the positive outcomes.Tip: Imagine a stony-faced customer responding to your explanation with “So what?” … again and again and again. Keep answering the question and you’ll get to the real benefit you offer.
  3. Your copywriting is all me me me. Read your copywriting with a red pen and circle every instance of ‘we’, ‘I’, ‘our’, ‘and my’. If your page suddenly looks like an extreme case of the measles then you’re talking about yourself way too much.Tip: Switch the emphasis back on to your reader by changing every “we” for a “you” then edit the text so you relate what you do to what your customer needs.
  4. You don’t offer any proof you can be trusted. You might be offering the perfect solution and your price is right, but most customers will still feel some uncertainty about saying yes. Show people that you’ve helped other customers and the positive outcomes they’ve achieved.Tip: Include case studies and testimonials in your marketing, but make them specific enough to be realistic. “You’re awesome, from John” isn’t going to get anyone over the line.
  5. You’re speaking a different language. Whether you’re getting down with the young folk or pitching to a blue chip corporate audience, your copywriting needs to be pitched at the right level. Using the same language and tone as your audience will build a connection so much faster.Tip: Know thy audience! You should also have a good understanding of your brand voice so you can create copywriting in a consistent tone and style.

How does your copywriting measure up? Did you pick up some good pointers or give yourself a high five for being awesome?

Belinda Weaver, Copywrite Matters


Belinda Weaver, Copywrite Matters

Belinda Weaver

Belinda Weaver is a professional marketing copywriter who confidently walks the line between writing effective online copy and creating an engaging online brand. You don't have to choose between them and the right words to make a difference. She has more than a few years chalked up as a marketing...

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