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21 Facebook Page Posting Ideas

By Lara Solomon

7 July 2011 | 2 Comments

When it comes to posting on your Facebook page, often you are stuck for ideas.


Read these 21 Facebook Page ideas for inspiration, then give them and try and see what works.

  1. Link to a YouTube video that will provide your readers with some relevant information
  2. Interview an expert in your field, post the video on YouTube and Facebook
  3. Link to a website that has an interesting article on a relevant topic for your page
  4. Link to your website so that you can show off your product – however always remember the 80/20 rule! 80% of the time adding value to your readers vs. 20% selling to them
  5. An intriguing post with a link that makes people want to click eg. Cut out a fraction of a photo and ask people to guess what it is
  6. Relate your post to a celebration, eg Easter
  7. A funny photo with an interesting heading, or even get them to suggest a caption
  8. Post a photo with an either or choice, which do you like better?
  9. Informative posts that educates eg. Tips or facts!
  10. Post a question with multiple choice answers
  11. Use Facebook questions to do some market research on a product/service that you would like to add to your business
  12. Link to another tab on your Facebook page – often people see your posts in their newsfeeds make it easy for them to be able to respond
  13. Upload a video that made you laugh and you think would make your audience laugh also - if they are having fun with you they will remember you
  14. Link to a podcast that is informative and on a relevant topic
  15. Relate your post to an event that is happening in the world, eg The Golden Globes
  16. Post quiz question on your product/ service or something relating to your industry
  17. Post photos of people using the product or service – make sure they are good ones! Sometimes a photo is as good as a review on your product or service
  18. Post photos of happy customers (get their permission first!) and write a description of why they are happy and what they got out of using your product or service
  19. Start a photo album showing off your office or staff and write some interesting facts about them in the description
  20. Post a funny quote from a movie or tv series that your audience can relate to
  21. Post an interesting statistic, eg 1 in 13 people in the world are on Facebook!


Lara Solomon, Social Rabbit


Lara Solomon, Social Rabbit

Lara Solomon

Lara Solomon, winner in the NSW Telstra Micro Business Awards 2008, has struck gold since finding the motivation to leave her high-profile career to start a new business and launch an unknown product in to the market place... making a success of it (a million dollar success that is!) LaRoo is the...

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I have created a Facebook page for my business advisory site one month ago.But sorry to say i have not yet get 5 fans!

I have got this guidelines very helpful which made me to thank the author.
Thank you for your informative blog!

Comment by business growth — July 8, 2011 @ 2:34 am

We've been working hard to build our facebook page, and it's fantastic get additional tips such as these! Thanks for the creative and interesting ideas to use facebook better.

Comment by Jenny — July 18, 2011 @ 6:53 pm

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