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Australian Businesswomen's Network

Australian Businesswomen's Network

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Are you Sticking to the Rules for Employing Casuals?

Nadia MacLeod

Do you employ casual staff or plan to hire someone soon to fill a gap in your business? If so, then you need to be aware of the traps of bending the rules for employing casuals. Let’s look at an example. You hire an administrative assistant called Rachel. You only need Rachel for a few [...]


The #1 Reason Your Website Sucks

Bianca Board

It breaks my heart when a small business owner comes to me and says they’ve spent $6,000 on their previous website and it does diddly squat to produce any leads. It’s so wrong. And yet so common. Online reports say that over 80% of small business websites fail. They fail to produce traffic, leads and sales. [...]


Kelly O’Dwyer is the new Small Business Minister

Victoria Taylor

There was general shock in the small business community when it was announced Bruce Billson would no longer be Minister for Small Business in Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s new Cabinet. Universally regarded as a good Minister, Mr. Billson was replaced by Kelly O’Dwyer. One theory, put forward by the Council of Small Business of Australia, [...]


3 Essential Rules for Lady Sales Stars

Frances Pratt

Many of us connect the idea of selling as being pushy, abrupt and just downright rude. No, no, no. Sales isn’t icky and yuck and it isn’t best done by men (or women). Great selling is about people connecting with people and helping them solve a problem they have or satisfy a need. So ladies… let’s get stuck in [...]


Become a Better Leader by Rewiring Your Brain

Alison Vidotto

Rewiring your brain? It seems a little ominous but it’s much friendlier and easier than it sounds. When I first studied behavioural neuroscience back in 1999, I was amazed to learn that we can rewire our brain quite easily. While some primal instincts are hard wired into our brain there are other behavioural patterns that [...]


Get Off the Content Assembly Line for Greater Impact and Rewards. Here’s How!

Cas McCullough

Finally, the ideas are flowing and you’re in the writing zone. You publish your world-changing, earth-shattering post and then… nothing. Nobody likes it, nobody comments on it and nobody reads it… except for your mum and maybe your best friend. You may be wondering if it’s all worth it. You’ve been told, “create content” -- [...]


Capacity Versus Expectation

Simone Leslie

CAPACITY IS FLUID. At any given moment capacity can change, either expanding or shrinking. (How we support or suppress an individual are contributing factors to this.)


When it Comes to Business Partners, Falling in Love is the Easy Part

Dominique Antarakis

When it comes to finding love in your personal and business life, what questions should you be asking yourself and your significant other?


Sometimes it’s tough…

Suzi Dafnis

Bringing a new project to life can be tough. Can you relate? You start with a brilliant idea and a lot of enthusiasm. You make a plan, get some traction and things start to move forward. Then, inevitably, at some point, it gets tough. You hit a tech challenge. Or something doesn’t go to plan. [...]


For Profit and for Good: Changing the Business Game and Changing the World

Dana Burrows

I’m in love with my hand wash. Not just because it smells great, but because it literally saves lives. I stumbled across the ‘Thankyou’ line of products a while back. I keep buying them because while I do really love their products, it’s more their business model that has me hooked. Many businesses are founded [...]