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Essential Steps to Avoid the Impact of a Business Failure

Amanda MacLean

Popular Vietnamese tuckshop business, MissChu, was placed into voluntary administration last month. The founder and creative director of MissChu, Nahji Chu, also known as The Queen of Rice Paper Rolls, started MissChu as a catering business in 2007 which expanded into retail tuckshops in Sydney, Melbourne and London, employing about 190 people across its retail [...]


Government plans to reinvigorate employee share schemes

Victoria Taylor

Would paying your staff in equity, rather than a salary, during your start-up phase help you meet your business goals? Would providing staff a mix of salary and equity allow you to hire more employees during start-up phase? Employee Share Schemes are popular among start-ups, as they allow employees to acquire shares in the company, [...]


The Sum of Your Parts is Awesome

Alycia Edgar

It's a new year and you've been reviewing what you’re doing with your life, your business. Sometimes these reviews reveal you're on track, sometimes not. And sometimes they reveal what appears to be a glaring hole in what you are capable of. Yes, I'm talking about when you assume the qualifications you have just don't [...]


The Size of Your Business should be No Measure of Your Leadership

Alison Vidotto

It doesn't matter what size your business is, whether you are going it alone or are managing a decent sized team, leadership will play a significant role in your success. I have spoken to a number of solo operators who believe that leadership doesn't apply to them, they don’t have followers so who could they [...]


5 Sales Strategies for Business Growth

Frances Pratt

Businesses are like gardens, they need to be constantly worked on to sustain them and bring in new clients, convert opportunities and retain customers. Follow these sales strategies to tend your business. Sales Strategy #1 ~ Attract new potential customers (aka Lead Generation) Know how your business attracts customers.  Make sure you are doing [...]


10 Easy Mistakes that Employers Often Make - Do You?

Natasha Hawker

This is the second part of our series on ten easy mistakes small businesses are making. There are a number of common and costly mistakes that employers make – but they can easily be prevented. Are you making any of these mistakes? There is a lot of legislation pertaining to employers and their employees you [...]


How To Take Marketing Action And Get Some Quick Wins in 2015

Nicki Walsh

If you’re like most SME owners, chances are you ended 2014 in a mad panic, trying to get projects closed off before the summer break. Things that hadn't been actioned all year suddenly became urgent … or fell off the radar completely. And now it’s January, your batteries are recharged and you’ve spent the whole [...]


Are You Trade Show Ready?

Vivienne Kane

Six hot tips for better exhibiting Trade shows are very tempting. The idea of presenting your business to a large number of people in one place is seductive, and they can produce really worthwhile results. Unfortunately the sad truth is that many trade show exhibits are a sink into which lots of money and time [...]


7 Top Tips for Making Sure Your Emails are (Really) Read

Dominique Antarakis

Have you ever noticed that people don't read? Properly I mean. Or if they do read, they don't really absorb, and even if they absorb what they've read, they don't seem to have understood anything. And even if they've read, and absorbed, and completely understood, for some reason they still don't act according to your [...]


Skyrocket Your Social Media Engagement in Just 5 Minutes a Day

Belinda Weaver

Too many businesses tick social media off their marketing ‘to do’ list, setting up snazzy-looking profiles and auto posting their latest blog post each week. But successful social media marketing is so much more than simply turning up and looking good. Social media marketing isn’t that different from going to a dinner party. Really. Tell [...]