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The crisis for women in business

Suzi Dafnis

Studies have shown that men are more self-assured than women……and yet, we also know that to succeed, confidence matters just as much as competence.What that leads to is a particular crisis for women in business. And it’s in the form of a vast confidence gap that’s keeping many women in smaller businesses, earning less and taking [...]


Are Penalty Rates Costing Your Business?

Victoria Taylor

Are penalty rates hampering your business growth? The Productivity Commission’s review into Australia’s workplace relations framework seems to have been dominated by this issue. Over Easter, businesses in the hospitality sector ran a campaign against penalty rates saying they made it unaffordable to stay open on public holidays. The Small Business Minister Bruce Billson also [...]


How to Brief a Copywriter for a Perfect First Draft

Dominique Antarakis

When you’ve decided to outsource copy or content for your business, the key to getting what you want from a writer is nailing the brief. And there are a few basic things that you’ll need to communicate in order to make the process go as smoothly as possible. 1. Job context You’d be surprised how [...]


Contractor or Employee? What's the Difference?

Nadia MacLeod

Many seek flexibility in the workplace and choices such as casual, part-time, full-time or individual flexibility arrangements go some way to meeting this need. Another alternative is to abandon the traditional employee model altogether and become a "Contractor". Employees are often tempted to freelance – lured by the promise of escaping the corporate grind, working [...]


Five Ways to Turn Your Business Performance Around Tomorrow?

Natasha Hawker

Did you know that only 20% of businesses get their ‘pot of gold’ at the end of the rainbow when they sell? Most owners sell at the worst possible time, often when their business is not performing at the optimal level – or when they are fed up, frustrated and tired. Is your business going [...]


7 Biggest Book Printing Traps by First Time Authors

Vivienne Kane

and how to avoid falling into them Modern digital print now makes production of high quality small quantity book printing possible at very affordable prices. As a self publishing author, you can now choose to manage the editing, design and printing of your book with your own selected experts, so that you maintain total control [...]


Here’s a Surprising Business Power Tool

Dana Burrows

I’m over multi-tasking. I’m done with doing more with less time. My quest for maximum performance and productivity in business has left me exhausted and questioning my methods. I now know this constant juggling trick of mine is not making me a better business owner. By training my brain over the years to take on [...]


3 Surprisingly Simple Steps to Crazily Clickable Blog Headlines

Belinda Weaver

Ahh, the warm glow of publishing a fantastic blog post. A post packed with so much helpful information you could charge for it! It should be going viral but you’re lucky to get a few shares on each social media platform and no comments. So what’s wrong? In the process of diagnosis, always start with [...]


How to Become a Better Leader

Alison Vidotto

Leaders are not born, they are made. We all have the potential to lead, we just need to learn the right skills and behaviours. Leadership begins with the self, we have to really want to be a leader. If you would like to build your leadership skills, the following tips will show you how. Self [...]


3 Little Known Factors That Could Affect Your Profit

Amanda Fisher

Many business owners are so busy running their business they don’t take the time to delve into their numbers and unscramble them into meaningful figures. There are key areas which impact the profit and are often overlooked. 1. Gross Margin vs Mark-Up. Mark-up is the percentage by which you increase the cost of the product [...]