Advocacy – herVoice

As an Australian Businesswomen's Network (ABN) community member, you are part of a 20,000 strong community of business owners and women in business.

In response to many requests from our community, herVoice was established by the ABN in 2008 to give our community a voice about issues that impact on its members' business, lifestyle, interests and wellbeing.

herVoice was created in response to numerous requests for the ABN to take a leading role in public policy development, advocacy and lobbying on issues relating to Australian business women and female entrepreneurs.

herVoice takes the concerns of the ABN's community to government and industry, advocating and lobbying to make a real difference to legislative outcomes.

We invite you to participate in herVoice:

  • Comment on the issues raised on the herBusiness Blog
  • Participate in community surveys and polls
  • Contact us to let us know what we can do to help you or how we can put you in touch with the information you need.


Read the latest advocacy posts on the herBusiness blog.